Nursing Resource Center

Nursing Resource Center

The AUM Nursing Resource Center (NRC) is comprised of three main areas;  the Skills and Assessment Lab, the Simulation Lab, and the Computer Lab. The NRC is located in rooms 201, 202, and 203 of Moore Hall. The purpose of the AUM Nursing Resource Center is to provide a caring, learning environment where nursing students can enhance and challenge their ability to provide holistic client care through the development of assessment, communication, critical thinking, organizational, and psychomotor skills.

The NRC will meet this purpose by providing:

  • A creative, clean, organized learning environment that mimics the clinical setting.
  • Hours of operation convenient to student for independent practice during class and open labs.
  • Clinical faculty available for instruction, questions, and critique.
  • Additional learning activities/modules at student’s request.
  • Various task trainers, manikins and supplies for skill and assessment practice.
  • Simulation scenarios progressing in difficulty to match student’s skill level.
  • An alternative clinical experience if needed to meet clinical hour requirements or remediation
  • Validation activities to ensure students’ competence and confidence before performing skills within the clinical setting.

Contact Information for the NRC:
Brooke Burton, MSN, RN
NRC Coordinator/Assistant Clinical Professor
202 Moore Hall
014- Brooke McGalliard with SAM


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