College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Advising for pre-nursing, nursing, EARN (RN to B.S.N.), and M.S.N. students is done through the College of Nursing and Health Sciences as outlined below.

Questions?  Contact us at
Advising for CURRENT PRE-NURSING students

Current pre-nursing students are advised by appointment only, made throughAdvisor TracAll pre-nursing students are required to meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes each semester.


(If you have problems with AdvisorTrac, please contact ITS for assistance at 334-244-3500 or

NURSING students

Students who are newly admitted to, or on the wait list for, the School of Nursing should contact Mrs. Lorinda Stutheit at for academic questions.

Students who have been admitted to the School of Nursing receive academic advising from faculty advisors after they begin the nursing course of study. Click Faculty and Staff Contacts to find your faculty advisor's contact information.

RN to BSN students

Educational Advancement for Registered Nurses (EARN)

Undergraduate students who have been admitted into the RN to BSN program or are currently working toward admission into the program should contact Mrs. Kris Conner or Mr. Rahmel Cowen


The Auburn University and Auburn Montgomery Schools of Nursing have collaborated to address the shortage of nurses affecting the national, regional, and local workforce.

The Joint Master of Science in Nursing program is designed to grow the number of nurse educators and nurse practitioners by providing students with the best of both universities - vast academic resources and tremendous faculty expertise.

Graduate students who have been admitted into the MSN program that is jointly operated by the Auburn University and Auburn Montgomery Schools of Nursing should contact Dr. Donna Beuk at  or Dr. Barbara Wilder at

 Be in charge of your career

  More than 587,000 new RN positions will be created by
  2016.  With the knowledge you gain in the AUM School
  of Nursing, you will qualify for career opportunities just
  about anywhere you want to live and work.  And, the current
  shortage of nurses means salaries and benefits are likely
  to remain strong for those with solid academic preparation
  and clinical experience.

  Plus, you can choose the clinical focus that appeals to you,
  and the wide variety of work schedules, shift lengths and
  work environments give you even more control.

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